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01246--North Korea : An Orwellian Setting

A North Korean child

North Korea : An Orwellian Setting

Power is not a means, it is an end. One does not establish a dictatorship in order to safeguard a revolution; one makes the revolution in order to establish the dictatorship.
[ George Orwell, ‘Nineteen Eighty-Four’ (1949) pt. 3, ch.3]

Once in every five year there takes place an election in North Korea which is apparent from the very name of the country: The Democratic People's Republic of Korea.   
Voting is mandatory.  

However, the ballots list only one candidate : Kim Jong Un.

Yes, here the throne is passed on from father to son, and the supreme leader owns all the aspects of your life; from what you read to how you have your hair cut. 

The three dictators; Kim Il-Sung, Kim Jong-Il & Kim Jong-Un

North Korean Prison Camps

These camps resembles the death camps during the Holocaust.  Hitler wasn't torturing at least his own people. 

But Kim Jong Un is.

A North Korean prison camp
If you keep a copy of Bible with you, or if you watch the South Korean Movies, or if you seek services from prostitutes you will end up in prison.  If lucky, you will be executed publicly; prison life is worse than death.  North Korea itself is a large prison with a sadistic jail warden.  If you commit a political crime, or considered a revolutionary or a traitor, it's not just you who get punished. The entire family and its three generations are imprisoned! This imprisonment of three generations is based on a rather odd theory that this attitude and disloyalty of the criminal are carried down the bloodline.

Here prisoners are over worked and starved.  Their basic needs are denied.  People who escaped these camps tell tales that continue to shock the world. 
Labour camps in North Korea are death camps!

Anti-American propaganda

American soldiers torturing a North Korean woman
Hatred of America has been the centre to North Korean  indoctrination. In Pyongyang state TV news is broadcast on public squires warning of imminent war with America.  This is a propaganda to make the people believe the necessity of the very existence of their dictator.  Here, the famous quote state is a necessary evil becomes true at least for the unfortunate people of the North korea.  Majority of the North Koreans believe that America is ready to invade, and is a reason behind the Korean war.  Shifting the focus of people from poverty and lack of individual rights is thus carried out. There are even paintings that portray America as evil.

North Korean Defectors
Yeonmi Park  

The story of Yenomi Park is heart breaking.  She had to bury her father all by herself in the middle of the night: if she was found out by the Chinese authorities she would be sent back to North Korea to live the rest of her life in the prison camps. Later she could make it to the South Korea where she was reunited with her mother and sister.  Yeonmi now takes part in TV shows and other social activities to protest the fate of the North Koreans that she lived once.  

Those who dare think there is a better world outside, bribe the agents to cross the border and get to China.  If they are caught there, as their existence is illegal in China, they will be sent back to North Korea where decades of imprisonment and torturing are in store for them.  Those who make it to South Korea live a 'human' life, and take part in the propaganda against the Big Brother. But those who could make it to South Korea it is like a new world of freedom.  

Open Radio for North Korea is a  radio station staffed by defectors transmitting stories into the country from across the border in the South.  Surveys of defectors suggested more than a million North Koreans listen to illegal foreign radio.  The stories are political in nature and the North Korean people who listen to and pass over  them to others risk their lives.  One female defector in Seoul said, "The more I listen to the radio the more I thought what I have learned isn't true.  I've been fooled.  And this has made me want to become free. "    So did eventually she and her family.  

Kim Jong - Il
Changing Policy for Foreign Currency

   Workers are sent abroad to work and earn foreign currency.  This unlikely move from the dictatorial  state is due to the international restrictions which check the flow of foreign currency into North Korea. 
George Orwell's novel 1984 is lived here every day.  North Koreans are one of the most unfortunate peoples that ever lived on this Earth. 

The Juche Ideology
Juche means "self-reliance".  It is the official political ideology of North Korea which is described by the regime as Kim Il-Sung's "original, brilliant and revolutionary contribution to national and international thought".



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